Meet Eli

Eli Halpern is an AOBTA-certified bodyworker and artist living in Logan Square. His healing work is informed by a longtime practice of butoh dance, Buddhist meditation, and tai chi. Though he strives for precision and discipline in his practice, he is always quick to laugh.*  

Eli is excited to bring his healing dance to Chicago, Evanston, and beyond!

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* The Hindu scholar Bharata ennumerated the six kinds of laugher:

Atihasita, uproarious laughter accompanied by doubling over
Apahasita, loud laughter that brings tears to the eyes
Upahasita, a more pronounced laughter associated with some body movement
Vihasita, a broader smile accompanied by modest laughter
Hasita, a smile which slightly reveals the tips of the teeth
Sita, a faint smile, denoting an inner attitude of detachment “in the world, but not of the world.”



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